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Our roots

Chartall Business College was established in 2007 in response to two concurrent, national regulatory requirements. The first was the Financial Services Board’s regulatory need to ensure all banking staff providing financial advice met the specified FAIS fit and proper education requirements.

The second was similar legislation in the real estate sector, where the Estate Agency Affairs Board required all non-principal and principal agents to comply with minimum education requirements.

The founders Kevin Boyers and Karen Deller took the opportunity to establish Chartall Business College and since inception have built a strong reputation as an innovative business-to-business, private college with an impressive client base across all major industry sectors.

Our purpose

Chartall Business College is committed to helping its corporate clients meet their core business objectives through innovative, tailor-made skills development solutions.Chartall understands that every client’s needs are different.

Chartall’s approach it to first fully understand the client’s needs and constraints and only once these are fully assessed do we develop a bespoke solution to deliver on the agreed business goals, while also ensuring that the learners gain substantially in the process.

Our values

The Chartall Business College ethos is that there is only one way and that is the right way. We comply with all regulatory requirements, we deliver real value to our clients and we deliver quality learning solutions on time.

This is part of the DNA of Chartall Business College, and is what has enabled us to build, continue to expand and grow our corporate client base.

Our people

The founders of Chartall Business College are Kevin Boyers CA[SA] and Dr. Karen Deller. Sikho Gantsho is the CEO and Karen the Academic Director.  Other key front-line staff include:

    • Anne Strapp – Assessment specialist
    • Anne Swart – Academic manager
    • Janine Kearney – Client services specialist and project manager
    • John Arnesen – Post-school system advisor
    • Leigh-Ann Brown – Online campus principal
    • Lana van Blerk – Online content developer
    • Linda Potgieter  – General manager
    • Magda Erasmus – Real estate specialist facilitator
    • Oliver Boyers – IT and IS specialist
    • Lizanne Naidoo – Head of Banking Faculty
    • Leah van Lelyveld – Head of ODETDP Faculty

How we engage

Chartall Business College believes that the best model for efficient and effective delivery is one that is tailored to suit the client, their business sector and the needs of their staff.
We believe that clients have unique needs and cultures and we like to develop and reinforce these through our training.

This is despite the fact that many of our courses are based on registered SETA learnerships to enable clients to claim tax rebates, youth incentives, BBBEE points and SETA funding.
Chartall Business College starts by analysing the client’s unique needs. From this analysis Chartall Business College will craft the optimal delivery strategy.

Some examples of tailor-made training solutions that we have developed for our clients are:

    • We mapped a client’s internal training material to unit standards. We then assessed the staff against the mapped unit standards (using RPL methodology) and trained and assessed the balance of the qualification.  By doing this, the client enhanced the credibility of their own internal training and cut the training time on the learnership by two thirds.  Their staff earned the full qualification and it cost the company a fraction of the normal cost.
    • One client had particularly good internal contact centre training material that was not accredited. We trained this material in tandem with the National Certificate in Contact Centre, cutting costs and delivery time for the two programmes while delivering a far more company-relevant training programme.
  • We mapped a client’s internal training to unit standards and with the SETA’s permission, developed an exemption matrix that allowed staff who had completed these internal courses to earn exemptions towards a full qualification, on condition that they completed the full qualification. This fast tracked the staff to FAIS compliance and showed staff the value of the internal training they had attended.

Let a training solutions consultant from Chartall Business College meet with you to see what your unique needs are before you embark upon just another plain learnership.

Contact info
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