Starting a new learnership with Chartall Business College

When starting on a new learnership, the training landscape may seem unfamiliar to students attending training for the first time.

A first-time learner on a learnership may ask: “What will the training be like and what is expected from me?”
Not only does your company invest in your development, but you too. As the learner, you will be investing time, effort and commitment in your studies during training. It is important that you know what the road ahead will look like for you and what the training journey will entail.

During a Chartall Business College induction session at the start of a new learnership, the facilitator spends quality time with learners explaining how the training environment and the learnership itself is structured. The learners will also address how the learnership is assessed.
The expectations, roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders (employer, learner and training provider) are also discussed.

Not only does the facilitator talk about the essentials of the regulated education training environment, but also gives plenty of useful tips and examples to assist students with their study skills and time management. A holistic approach towards the learning environment is spoken about with the learners.
So, when you attend training provided by Chartall Business College, you receive more than just the training curriculum. You start your training journey well-armed with information and guidance that covers the scope of the whole student experience.

It’s that easy!

  • Debbie de Coning


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